Managed SIEM

reduce your cyber risk

Get Managed SIEM completely handled by security experts.

NuSEC Enterprise Security offering is best described as a highly-recommended method for how organizations should manage cyber risk. Overall, it is consistent with the Cyber Security Risk Management Framework (CSRMF) created by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Attackers use different techniques to hide their activities including spreading their activities over time to avoid detection. It is crucial to identify threats as soon as possible to protect your customers. Long-term analyses over large data sets are crucial for identifying security threats using the tools of machine-learning with analyst interaction.

Reduce False Positives

Identify emerging threats through continuous monitoring and behavioral anomaly detection

Discover Hidden IoC Threats

Identify threats with skilled security analysts identifying indicators of compromise (IoC).

Find Unknown Threats

Identify the Advanced Persistent Threats inside your network or applications

Complete Threat Visibility

Integrate the internal indicators with the external threat intelligence sources to get a combined view.

Cyber security threats are climbing due to data breaches of large enterprises and local muncipalities. Deploying a Managed SIEM provides you the expertise you need along with the tool to secure your IT assets against external threats.

Outsourced Managed Security

Enhance your IT security to protect assets with our wealth of cyber security expertise.

Strategic Technology Partner

Become connected within the cyber security industry and major technology vendors with NuSEC.

Proven Success in Protection

Effective setup and monitoring with our access to our Managed SIEM, resources and expertise.

NIST Security Framework

Integrate the latest innovations from our Managed SIEM to alert about the latest detected threats.

SIEM are expensive before you factor in operational, maintenance and deployment costs. Leveraging outsourced security experts to help you managed the SIEM to protect your business from cyber threats and data breaches is a primary driving business case.

Reduce Deployment Costs

Simply a pay a monthly subscription fee instead of purchasing the IT infrastructure needed to support the deployment alone.

Quick Rapid Deployment

Our Managed SIEM is developed to deploy quick and efficiently to start protecting your IT infrastructure.

Ongoing fine-tuning rules and correlations

We will customize your SIEM environments prelaunch and post deployment to protect your business.

Access to technology and expertise

Our security experts analyze your enterprise security logs, investigate incidents and service your SIEM to protect to your IT infrastructure.

Secure Platform

Our technology security stack centralizes your cybersecurity into one platform. Protect and monitor your business against evolving threats.

Secure Services

Our cybersecurity experts will fully manage your SIEM use cases, correlations rules and intelligence to detect and monitor threats.

Secure Network

Our cybersecurity experts will perform the needed tuning to keep your SIEM optimized to protect your IT infrastructure and network.

Managed SIEM
Key Features
Customized Security Rules

Robust enterprise security delivering superior alerting response to incidents and events for our cyber security experts to protect your organization.

Continuous Log Data Collection

Ongoing aggregation of events, system logs and security data of your applications and sources to prevent vulnerabilities and threats.

Data Retention and Search

Store large volumes of log data over historical periods of time, enabling our security experts to perform forensic investigations into cyber attacks and threats.

Classification and Indexing

Our logs are normalized, parsed and categorized by the SIEM to make logs more searchable for our cybersecurity experts to drill down incidents, alerts and events.

Behavioral Forensic Analysis

Millions of logs can be created over the course of a week or month. Our SIEM will enable forensic investigations when anomolies are parsed and searched.

Correlation Engine

Our SIEM will gather insights into data and common attributions to form actionable information for our security experts.

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