Serverless Edge Computing

Serverless edge computing

Get Web Presence delivered at Global Scale using our Edge

Our global edge cloud platform is baked in with security solutions from the ground up offers you accelerated protection, better website performance, improve mobile loading speeds and ensure uptimes all from the edge.

Our exclusive cloud-based SIEM centralizes all activities of your environment to understand the entire attack surfaces. Fully maintained by SOC security experts ready to manage any events, incidents and issues.

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Get qualified expertise around the clock to proactively identify vulnerabilities, monitor network traffic logs and quarantine incidents in real-time 24/7 to stay ahead of threats.

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Comprehensive web protection against XSS, RFI, DoS, DDoS and SQL injections reduces the chance of downtime, data lost and website corruption.

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Immediately enforce protection against zero-day malware and phishing attacks by switching to our proactive security measures.

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Cyber threat landscapes change daily to bypass static security solutions. Our global threat intelligence scans billions of malicious IPs, files, URLs and apps to instantly update security signatures.


As data lands at our edge location, data will be routed to NuSEC over an accelerate & optimized network path.


Eliminate the need for server software and hardware managements including the costs associated to maintain


Availability, reliability, safety and security coupled with integrity, performability, and confidently.

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Holistic Security Model

Get security technology automatically embedded in your network.

Our global security solutions and services provide accelerated protection, website performance, improve mobile loading speeds and ensure uptime from the edge.

Improve your overall security posture with a 24hr dedicated team of security experts. Continuous advanced threat hunting, patching vulnerabilities and response to issues that threaten your business.

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We maintain the latest up-to-date security posture in order to stop the latest threats. Get continuous protection for your apps and sites across any API with our fully managed service.

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Close the gap accurately and efficiently across the cyber threat landscape with our powerful machine learning that classifies and categorizes threats against your business.

Applications, data, devices and users are outside the enterprise realm of control. Gain control of your security perimeter to ensure your cyber risks are eliminated.


Always ready to protect any targeted server or network from distributed denial-of-service (DDoS).


Reduce overall costs from third parties trying to connect and exchange your web traffic.


Meet the urgent business needs to detect and respond to advanced threats with unlimited scale at affordable costs.

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Scalable infrastructure

Get network hardware benefits without the need for hardware.

Benefit from edge delivering web presence to result in integrated security & performance seamlessly. Best part? All as a service.

Deliver go-to-market apps and site changes using JavaScript and your current DevOps workflows to quickly tailor your customer experiences with the power of Edge computing.

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Accelerate delivery of web content by optimizing routes and reduce requests by bringing content near your users to deliver superb customer experiences

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Enable cloud-native DNS to improve availability, performance and resilience against the largest DDoS attacks

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Be equipped with lightning fast transit speeds because any lag in processing speed can be fatile for your business to convert leads to revenue.


Smart routing adhered to clearly defined routing policies to allow for scalability at the global level.


Your IT team = N. We add +1 SOC analyst to maintain and handle incidents as the threats appear.

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