Secure DNS

Managed dns provider

Secure Edge DNS - Global Secure DNS Worldwide Network

Domain name resolution service that resolves your DNS requests through our worldwide network of redundant DNS servers for a safer, smarter and faster Internet experience. Our DNS solution is a scalable, reliable and managed authoritative domain name system. It has low latency, high availability. Your users will have reliable, low-latency access using NuDNS s network of Anycast name servers.

Every business and enterprise are on the internet which needs a DNS to connect users to the web and applications services. Self-hosted or managed DNS providers can be outsourced but the security is usually the grey area. Get enterprise NuSEC DNS which intelligently routes your internet for users to safely access your online content.

Balance Load Traffic

Scalable load balancing and failover to eliminate bottlenecks and downtime with intelligent traffic management.

Improve Web Performance

NuSEC DNS records are closer to users and reduce resolution times as well as Time To First Byte (TTFB).

Fortify Against DDoS Attacks

Implementation of NuSEC DNS ensures availability of domains, even during an attack by optimizing the management of the query traffic.

Reduce Response Times

Resolving name servers favor our better performing authoritative name servers which improves domain resolution and load time.

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Integrated Branding

Deliver CDN and DNS solutions under your own brand, making the solution a part of your product suite.

One-click Onboarding

REST Based API to enable deep integration/one-click onboarding from within your portal. Swagger documentation to simplify development.

Fortify Against DDoS Attacks

Setup own reseller network for services. Creating your own pricing plans and credit limits in order to earn revenue on the NuSEC services sold.

White Label DNS

Use your own domains for authoritative nameservers on the DNS service, and for CNAME targets on the CDN service.

Faster Performance

One of the world's top 15 fastest managed DNS provider getting time-to-first-byte and quicker throughput on even the larger file downloads such as videos or software updates.

Embedded DNSSEC

Help your customers maintain security for their DNS Records - including signing / key rollover and AXFR including TSIG.

Redundant Routing

Increase management of DNS response, based on geo location, latency, failover routing, load distribution, weighted shuffle routing or simply via the end-user’s IP address (EDNS Subnet).

Secure DNS
Key Features
Anycast Technology

Serve your DNS zones around the world by providing high availablity and lower latency for your users with Anycast.

Authoritative DNS Lookup

Our DNS translates requess for domains like into IP addresses like


We provide wide range of statistics from our comprehensive monitoring systems to provide you the data you need.


Ensures that queries not manipulated while routing by signing all your records during the deployment of your zone.

Managed & Provisioning

Add a hostname that points to the IP-address of DNS service and within seconds zone will deploy in entire anycast network.

White Label Available

You can fully re-brand our DNS using your own domain name to make it appear as if it's your brand.

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